Rudolf Stingel - Mute Materiality

19 April - 19 May 2016

Rudolf Stingel, Mute Materiality presents works from several of Stingel’s most iconic series: early and later silver enamel paintings, carpet and wallpaper paintings. Spanning 1992 to 2013 these paintings succinctly demonstrate Stingel’s evolving concerns in his painting practice with process, materials and content, or lack thereof. Walking through this chronological progression we encounter the development of Stingel’s subject matter, which moves from the elusive grids generated by the use of gauze, through to the patterns of carpets and wallpapers, that appear, resolutely present in some paintings, while reticent and tenuous in others. This evolution is anchored by Stingel’s consistency with regards to the methodical means by which each painting is arrived at on a material and procedural level, which began early on in Stingel’s career.

Installation Views